If potentially interested in treatment, please contact me. We can discuss fees in detail or I can send you a full fee schedule. Thank you.

Initial Evaluation/Consultation/Second Opinions:

  • Children/Adolescents/Transitional Age Adults: 3 hours over two sessions = $1,500
  • Adults: 2.5 hours over two sessions = $1,050
  • Call or email for more details

Follow Up Sessions:

  • 45-50 minutes - $410 ($370 in mornings)
    This is the standard appointment for psychotherapy +/- medication. This is also the standard appointment for children and teens treated by medications only, until we have discussed that the young person is doing well enough to warrant a simple and routine med check.
  • 20-25 minutes - $235
    This appointment is reserved for simple and routine med checks for people doing well. Many adults not engaging in psychotherapy will be best suited for this time-frame
  • 80 minutes - $615 ($555 in mornings)
    This is used for intensive psychotherapy or to reconnect after some period of absence from the office
  • 110 minutes - $820 ($735 in mornings)
    This is a TEAM therapy double session. It allows for maximum exposure to and application of the powerful tools and techniques of this therapeutic model. It is most efficient when need for greater length has been identified in briefer therapeutic formats

Evening Hours:

Monday or Tuesday after 6pm - usual rates x ~1.3 (e.g., 50min sessions are $530, 25min sessions are $305, 120min initial evaluation 1st sessions are $1300, etc.)

These are offered as convenience options for established patients wishing to meet after regular business hours, or for new evaluations needing after school times or to be expedited. These are not routinely offered to new evaluations, so feel free to ask about it if this is a good fit for your situation.

Educational lectures, school counseling support, community outreach:

  • free

Rate Savings:

There are three ways to save money on these visits:

  • I accept HSA/Flex spending
  • I offer a "superbill" or Medical Services Receipt. If you have out-of-network eligibility with your insurance plan, you are likely to receive some amount of reimbursement for services
  • Morning hours for therapy are offered at a reduced rate of approximately 10% savings