Community-integrated, evidence-driven care for kids, teens, and adults

missionThis is my mission. I opened this practice in this town to serve my community with a comprehensive approach. It is multi-layered, therapeutically-focused, considerate of developmental and contextual factors, customizable to specific needs, and informed by the best evidence available. It also dedicates time for community outreach, education, and support.

I have trained in both public and academic settings. I am fortunate to live and work in a place with a sense of community where I can combine the strengths of these two approaches.

As I walk around town with my own family, I see attentive and attuned parents committed to their children. This is a truly special community. However, despite it being full of opportunity, it bears its own specific challenges as well. If biological, psychological, social, and/or academic factors are contributing to distress and impairments for you or your child in our community, I believe my approach can help.