Online Scheduling

***Important: If you have difficulty booking, please read the instructions at the bottom of this page. Reach out to me if that does not solve your problem***

You can also directly access your scheduling account to see full booking details/history or update payment information here:

1. The most common error is that (on the Monthly or Grid views) people see times with gray circles as “available” when they are really “unavailable”. Click the specific date to see what is available. Blocks of open schedule are what are available for booking. Anything grayed out or having white rectangles (with gray borders) are unavailable. If you do not see any open white space, the day is fully booked.

For example:

In this example, I have placed mint green boxes in spaces that are available (for visual representation only). Red lines are placed in spaces that are unavailable. At 11am, someone has booked a 50min appointment, so no other appointment types are available from 11–12. At 12pm, someone has booked a 25min appointment, so no other appointment types are available during that time. 12:30-2pm remains available, so there are three 25min openings, two possible 50min openings (at 12:30pm or 1pm), and one 80min opening (12:30pm only). Therefore, no 110min openings exist because only 90mins of continuous time is available. 2:30pm and 5:30pm are also available for 25min appointment types this day. My morning hours and evening hours unavailable as well, which could be due to a number of reasons, but means they are not bookable this particular day.

2. You must be an established patient with log-in credentials to access the schedule

3. The dates (in blue text) are clickable links to show availability for that date

4. Available times are in white openings on the grid. Unavailable times are in gray (or white boxes)

5. The two most common appointment types are shown by default. Each has its own column of times. Select the column/appointment type you seek. If looking for less common appointment types (80min or 110min), click the gray dropdown menu in the upper right (“View 1”) and change it to “All Spaces”. Only Dr. Wilkinson is permitted to book new evaluations for new patients (siblings included).

6. Select the time and appointment type for your desired booking. Then click “book” on the top to complete the details. Or you can just double-click on the grid to do this quicker.

7. There is a tremendous amount of versatility available if you prefer to book recurring appointments. In the booking details, you can select the "Repeat" dropdown menu. There you can create booking rules, such as “Every Tuesday at 3pm” or “Every 4th Wednesday at 10am” or even “Every 2nd Monday of every third month at 11:30am except for July 8th”.

8. You are responsible for the times you book. You should get a confirmation email when you book appointments. You also can view your bookings by clicking the timeframe dropdown (Day/Month/Grid/List) and selecting “List”, then clicking the “My Bookings” tab. It will list each of your appointments within whatever date range you specify.

9. Dr. Wilkinson will not have access to your credit card details, which are held by Stripe’s payment processing service. Dr. W will apply the charge around the time of the appointment. Though this is his preferred method of payment, if you have a reason to seek an exemption, discuss it with him. Some reasons might include divorced parents who split the payments of each session, payments made by check from trust accounts, and prepaid retainers; though other reasons can exist.

10. Please keep in mind the 48 hour policy. Appointments cannot be canceled or altered within that time before a scheduled appointment.

10. If meeting via telemedicine (i.e., video), the link is the usual one. It was also included in the booking information and in the confirmation email.

11. If you see no availability, either times are fully committed or Dr. W is out of office (Fridays, weekends, holidays/vacations). If in the office, there may be some administrative time he can free up for you. Contact him directly for that request (or to be put on a wait list).

Contact Dr. Wilkinson directly with any questions or difficulties encountered. Thank you.